Chrome Copter

Play Copter Game in Chrome with this fun, free extension.

Did you have plans to get anything done any time soon? Other than playing Copter Game, that is? Because that's what's going to happen as soon as you install the free Copter Game extension for Google Chrome: Your productivity will crash, and so will you, or at least the helicopter you'll be flying will. It'll crash a lot--into the ground, the ceiling, and obstacles--as you learn to master the art of flight using nothing but your left mouse button. One more thing: You'll have a lot of fun.

As with all Chrome extensions, Copter Game installs quickly and easily, with a program icon on the toolbar that we clicked to open the game. Copter Game has an old-school, rasterized look that definitely adds to the fun of playing such a simple but challenging game. The interface said Click To Start, so we did. The object of the game is to fly your helicopter as far as you can without hitting the top or bottom of the frame or rectangular obstacles that appear at different heights on the flight course. Sounds easy, right? Well, it ain't, and we consistently crashed and burned at first. Fortunately, the game restarts quickly, and it's not difficult to get the hang of the simple control mechanism. After a brief but determined struggle, we managed to go from a distance of 24 to 246, flying past several in-flight monoliths. The game kept track of our best score, at least for the session. We preferred to play the game in full screen mode while learning to fly, but the minimized mode lets you play with some stealth. And it's not really wasting time, either, since Copter Game buffs your mouse-wrangling skills.

Ever seen trainees playing Battleship or Solitaire to learn how to mouse? Copter Game does the same for more experienced mousers. For gamers, it's a workout, like pointer push-ups that also train your hand-eye coordination. Arguably useful, definitely fun, and highly recommended.

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