Smartphone weather widget for PCs

Bring HTC's weather app to the Windows desktop with this free widget.

What you see on your smartphone's screen increasingly resembles what you see on your desktop, and vice versa. HTC Home Portable for Windows is a simple widget that recreates the animated clock and weather display from HTC smartphones on the Windows desktop. It works in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and 7. It's free and also portable.

Clicking the extracted program file opened HTC Home Portable's attractive display, which resembles an early digital clock's flipping tabs but also displays location, day and date, weather conditions, and temperature as well as a five-day forecast ribbon. We right-clicked the interface to call up the options and change the default settings for our location in the tabbed Widget Settings dialog, which included selections like Fahrenheit or Celsius, refresh rate, sounds, wallpaper, and animation. The location entry field asks for the name of your city, but ZIP code worked just as well. The Skins tab offered two selections, but you can download new skins at the program's Web site, which is accessible via a link on the program's About tab. The weather animation is quite good; our partly cloudy skies were depicted by realistic-looking clouds that drifted across the widget's interface. Tinkering with the size and opacity sliders yielded an unobtrusive but useful display that we could pin to the desktop. The settings also let us add News, Photo, and analog Clock widgets and manage each from the Widgets panel.

With so many similar functions, it's not only natural but also helpful to have a similar look and feel to your various device interfaces. If you're used to checking the weather at a glance on your HTC smartphone, this widget can bring the experience home. If you don't have an HTC phone but still want a good-looking and useful weather widget for your PC, HTC Home Portable for Windows is a great choice.

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