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There's not much to like about this bland browser.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are the three most popular browsers, and we have trouble finding a compelling reason to try other browsers when these three--particularly Chrome--do what they do so well. That doesn't stop people from developing alternatives, though, and thus we find ourselves with SunDance Web Browser. This browser's maker openly admits that it's based on Internet Explorer, but nothing about it seems to be an improvement over IE.

The interface is plain and typical for browsers, so we can at least say that it's intuitive. It's somewhat dated-looking, though, without the sleekness of its contemporaries. It offers all the typical browser features--tabbed browsing, a Favorites bar, the usual Internet Options menu, and so on--but also a few extras. There's a WYSIWYG editor, which can open Web pages and allow users to edit them, as well as a built-in RSS reader. We had trouble with this feature, though; it didn't seem to reliably add the RSS feeds that we selected. The browser also seems to lack a Help file, meaning that users are on their own if they have questions. Overall, SunDance worked well enough for browsing the Internet, but we can't image why anyone would be tempted to adopt this browser over one of the big three. It's unattractive and doesn't bring anything particularly useful or interesting to the table.

SunDance Web Browser installs and uninstalls without issues.

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