File informer

See which files your machine is accessing with this simple tool.

Our computers do a lot of things in the background without our knowledge. Most of the time this works out just fine, but every now and then, problems arise. If you need to see what's going on behind the scenes, try Moo0 FileMonitor. This basic program lets users view all of the files that their system is accessing at any given moment. It doesn't boast a lot of features, but it's a good choice if you need a simple way to see what your computer is up to without your knowledge.

The program's interface is plain and doesn't offer a lot of guidance for novice users. It's true that the program doesn't really do much besides display a list of accessed files, but there are some features that aren't entirely intuitive. There are check boxes across the top for Create, Write, Rename, and Delete, but there's no indication as to what checking or unchecking these boxes does. Files are listed by name, size, and time accessed, and each file's location is also given, making it easy to see where each file resides. Double-clicking a file will take users to the file's containing folder. Users can specify how many files the program keeps in its log and how often the list is refreshed. That's pretty much the extent of what Moo0 FileMonitor does. There's no Help file, so users with questions are out of luck. But for basic information about the files that are active on your machine, Moo0 FileMonitor works fine if you know what you're doing.

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