Unremarkable calendar

Don't expect much from this functional but uninteresting program.

Calendar and to-do list applications are incredibly common, so a program of this type has to be really special to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, SimBust Calendar Manager Lite doesn't do much to distinguish itself. The program works just fine, but there's nothing about it that really impressed us.

The program's interface is plain and a little dated, with standard-issue menus and icons across the top. The main pane displays a calendar view. Another pane displays a to-do list, and a third lists folders that to-do items are stored in. The only thing remotely useful or interesting about the program is the fact that these folders can be password protected, making it possible for users to make note of sensitive information and still keep it secure. Other than that, the program is pretty light on features, and we're not sure why anyone would choose it over any of the other popular calendar and task managers on the market. SimBust Calendar Manager is pretty easy to use, although this is largely a function of its lack of features. It comes with a built-in Help file, which is brief but adequate. Overall, there's nothing functionally wrong with SimBust Calendar Manager Lite, but it doesn't have a whole lot to recommend it over the competition.

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