IE password rescuer

Decrypt and recover lost IE passwords with this free tool.

Like most Web browsers, Microsoft's Internet Explorer saves log-on data and passwords for the sites that you authorize in an encrypted database. IEPasswordDecryptor is a free tool that can decrypt and recover these passwords when you lose them or can't access them normally. Like other password recovery tools from SecurityXploded, it works even when IE isn't open, which means it can recover your passwords and log-on data when IE can't open. It also displays and modifies IE's history file, and it can reset Internet Explorer's Content Advisor (CA) password, restoring access to restricted sites.

IEPasswordDecryptor's download comes with installed and portable versions. We ran the installed version, which opened with a basic but colorful interface with tabs for its two tools, IE Password Viewer and IE History Manager. In the password viewer, we clicked Start Recovery, and almost instantly it displayed the URLs, usernames, passwords, and IE password type in the main view. Unlike some of the developer's other browser password tools, which toggle between asterisks and passwords, IEPasswordDecryptor displayed the passwords as they are, which you should be aware of if user security is an issue. We didn't try the Reset CA Password feature since CA wasn't enabled, but clicking Export to Text or Export to HTML let us save our report in a folder of our choosing. The IE History Manager tool displays recent browsing history by URL, site title, and date visited. Buttons let us refresh the view, export it to HTML, remove all, and even add a Web site to the history file, a nice extra that helps you recover passwords from sites that aren't in your browser's history.

Other than displaying our browser's version and username and linking to the developer's site, that's all this tool does, but what it does is what you need, when you need it. For that, IEPasswordDecryptor is uniquely suited. Unless you're that guy who never, ever forgets passwords, it's there for you.

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