System and security optimizer

Clean up and optimize your system with this security-oriented maintenance application.

ARO used to stand for Advanced Registry Optimizer, but changed it to Advanced Repair and Optimization to better reflect the program's enhanced capabilities. ARO's developers were appalled to learn that entirely too many PC users have little or no concept of system security. So ARO 2011 now deep-cleans junk files and scans your system for security risks. ARO 2011 is largely automatic, but hardly opaque in its operation. In fact, one of its best features is the way it explains things, such as describing each category in its registry scan instead of just listing them in a log view that is incomprehensible to the average user.

ARO 2011's stylish interface is fairly typical of the breed, with tabs labeled Status, Cleanup, Optimize, Backup, and Settings. We followed the program's recommendations and started with a baseline scan. ARO 2011 created a restore point, scanned our system, and displayed the results in Cleanup tabs labeled Registry, Junk, and Security, by category, with tallies of the problems found in each. It identified some registry issues and found plenty of junk files but, thankfully, no security vulnerabilities. We let the program clean it all up and were pleased when nothing happened, which was what we'd hoped for: ARO 2011 deleted the junk and tidied up our registry without causing any problems. That's been the biggest issue with registry tools in the hands of inexperienced users. Too powerful, they cause harm; too safe, they're not effective. ARO 2011 showed us that it could clean deeply, thoroughly, and safely. The Optimize tool required a reboot, and it did a nice job of compacting and tweaking our system's registry. Clicking the Backup tab showed us that ARO 2011 had already automatically created a full backup of our system, and we always approve of that!

ARO 2011 only fixes the first 100 errors in its trial period, but it will give you a feel for how the program works and help you decide if it's for you. We have no complaints and plenty of praise for ARO 2011, and had no trouble entrusting our system's maintenance to it.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of ARO 2011 7.0. The trial version is limited to 100 fixes and cleaning temporary junk files only.

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