Rescue your Google passwords

Retrieve your Google account data and passwords with this free app.

GooglePasswordDecryptor is a simple bit of freeware that does something potentially very useful indeed: it decrypts and retrieves the passwords, user names, and log-on data Google stores in its various apps, including the all-important master password. It fetches passwords for Google desktop apps like Picassa, Google Talk, and Gmail Notifier as well as Web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 4 through 8. It can also display passwords for multiple Google accounts. The zipped download includes installed and portable versions; we tried the installed version.

GooglePasswordDecryptor's interface is quite basic but not unattractive, with a gridded list view that displays extracted password and log-on data and just four controls, including Start Recovery, which we pressed. The tool quickly scanned our system and displayed our saved passwords under categories labeled Application Store, Google Account Name, and Password, with passwords represented by asterisks. Clicking the Show Passwords button displayed our passwords; clicking it again removed them. There are two more buttons, Export to HTML and Export to Text, a small About link, and a linked address to the developer's Web site, SecurityXploded, but that's all there is to this free and easy tool.

This is just the sort of tool you'll be glad you have available when and if you lose your Google passwords. With more of our daily computing lives being overtaken by the ever-expanding Google cloud, GooglePasswordDecryptor has the potential to save much bacon.

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