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Quickly generate more than 130 hash values with this free tool.

Hash functions have a variety of cryptographic uses, such as providing digital signatures, checking the contents of downloaded files and programs for corrupted or changed files, and time-stamping secure documents without revealing their content. Easy Hash is a freeware hash value calculator from It supports more than 130 file and text hash functions, and it can crack CRC-32 passwords. It can also reset passwords in a variety of dynamic content management and e-commerce platforms, including Joomla, Mambo, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, and Prestashop.

Easy Hash's compact interface is easy to manage, with a plain window that displays the name and size of selected files and the calculated hash. Large, colorful icons let us quickly browse for and select a file, save hashes, remove or copy items, and generate hashes or text hashes. The interface even displays quick-access keystroke combos along the bottom, another nice touch. Clicking the Options icon or selecting the Options menu accesses the Configure dialog and an impressive list of hash selections ranging from AP Hash to XUM 32. We could also opt to associate the program with .eh, .sha1, .md5, and .sfv files via Register and Unregister buttons. Associating these file types with Easy Hash also added an entry to Explorer content menus, Hash with Easy Hash. However, the Configure documentation advises against using this handy option when running Easy Hash from a USB drive or other portable device since the program needs to write data to the Windows Registry, but we had no trouble with the installed version. We selected our hashes, loaded a file, and clicked Calculate. Easy Hash quickly returned calculated hash values that we could easily save and reopen or copy to the clipboard. Clicking Reset Passwords under the Options menu called up a simple dialog for selecting a program from a list of provided choices, including salting our new password. The Output data section included fields for password hashes and information as well as a button to copy data to the clipboard. The CRC-32 Crack dialog included Brute force and Dictionary tabs, with a field for Found collisions.

The developer's site is in Polish, though we were able to select an English translation from a drop-down list of many languages. Easy Hash is one of the easiest hash calculators we've tried in any language, though.

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