Tiny timer

Perform tasks on time with this handy program.

Although we're always impressed with software that delivers a wide array of useful features, we also recognize that sometimes you need a simple program that does a few things well. Moo0 SimpleTimer is a basic alarm clock and timer program that will sound an alarm or perform a few other basic tasks at the designated time. It's nothing fancy, but it works well for what it is.

The program's interface is basic and pretty easy to figure out, although we would have liked it if some of the more vaguely labeled buttons had pop-up tool tips. Users can set the alarm to go off either at a specific time or after a certain amount of time has passed. At the designated time, the program can play a sound, open a file, execute a program, open a Web page, or shut down the computer. All of the program's features worked well, executing the desired task quickly when time was up. The program doesn't have much in the way of other features; users can set the SimpleTimer to always be on top, and it can be minimized to display the current time, but that's about it. There's no Help file, but the program doesn't really need one, either; we were able to figure out all of its features pretty easily. Overall, Moo0 SimpleTimer isn't a particularly flashy or impressive program, but it works well and could be a very useful piece of software to have around.

Moo0 SimpleTimer installs politely but leaves a quick-launch icon and folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users.

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