Wonderful wallpapers

Download Bing images and automatically change your wallpaper with this fun program.

If you're stuck at your computer for hours on end, you may as well have something nice to look at. Wallpaper Downloader is an easy way to adorn your desktop with a multitude of changing images. Unlike some wallpaper applications, this one manages to supply a steady stream of high-quality, attractive photos. This isn't the type of program that we typically like to use ourselves, but we found ourselves enjoying Wallpaper Downloader quite a bit.

Wallpaper Downloader works by downloading images from Bing Images and then displaying them on your desktop as wallpaper. The program's interface isn't the most attractive we've ever seen, but it's fairly straightforward. You can choose whether you want the program to download new images automatically, whether you want the program to change the wallpaper automatically, and whether the program should use all images or just the most recently downloaded ones. The interval at which the images change can be adjusted, from 10 seconds to 12 hours, and the program can center, tile, or stretch images to fit the screen. We weren't crazy about the fact that the program requires registration for use--there didn't seem to be any reason for it--and a Help file would have been nice. But on the whole, we can't complain about Wallpaper Downloader; it worked well both to download images from Bing and to change our wallpaper, and it ended up being a nice addition to our desktop.

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