On the spot

Create colored spotlight effects with this cool image editor.

Sometimes we come across programs that are kind of goofy and pointless that we like anyway. Hot Spot Studio is such a program. We can't say that we ever wished for a program that did what Hot Spot Studio does, yet we can't resist playing with it.

It's really a pretty simple piece of software. Using either a solid background or a specific background image, you place circles of whatever size and color you'd like on the canvas. Click the Render Picture button and the program transforms the colored circles into glowing orbs of light on the image. It's a fun way to create abstract art or add snazzy effects to existing images. The program doesn't come with a Help file, but this isn't a huge drawback. Hot Spot Studio doesn't have a whole lot of features, and the ones it does have are labeled within the interface. We do wish that there were an easier way to switch from a background image back to a solid background; the only way we could figure out to do this was to close the program and start over. Still, this is a minor quibble. Overall, the program's capabilities are pretty limited, but it's still fun to play around with, especially if you're looking for an easy way to create attractive background images.

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