How good of a liar are you?

Lying Liar's Dice is a simple, but addictive game that lets you play the old barroom standby, Liar's Dice, on your iPhone.

Lying Liar's Dice is a simple but addictive game that lets you play the old barroom standby, Liar's Dice, on your iPhone. The interface is sparse, but it offers all the information you need to play Liar's Dice with your friends on one phone, or against a surprisingly savvy AI. Along with the classic version of the game, you also get a number of features in Lying Liar's Dice you can tweak to make the game more interesting such as wild dice, and single-die showdowns, among many variations.

For those who have never played, Liar's Dice is a popular bar game in which you make bids on the number of dice showing a specific number you think are on the table during your turn. In a bar setting you have dice cups with 5 dice in each and only the player holding the cup can see his dice. This means that you are bidding on the number of sixes (for example) you think are on the table, including the dice hidden from view by your opponents. If a player bids too high ("10 sixes!"), you can call him a liar and everyone lifts their dice cups to reveal how many sixes there actually are showing. If there are 10 or more sixes, you lose the challenge and need to give up one die. If there are fewer than 10, your opponent needs to give up one die. The game continues in this fashion until only one player is left holding dice, making him the winner.

If you're confused by our description of the game, not to worry--Lying Liar's Dice offers tutorials and directions for learning the finer points of this classic dice game. Just watch the tutorial and you'll be ready to play.

Lying Liar's Dice does a great job of bringing the fun dice game to your iPhone, but it probably won't win any awards for graphics. But even with a simple interface, we found ourselves having a great time seeing if we could lie our way to victory. If you've played Liar's Dice at a bar, or want to learn a fun time-waster that includes a lot of bluffing and a little bit of luck, check out Lying Liar's Dice.

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