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Impulse is a freeware digital distribution platform and portal from Stardock. It lets you preview, order, and purchase a wide range of games and software, and not just Stardock's desktop themes and enhancements; users can also get the latest action and adventure games, RPGs, shooters, sims, sports, and more from the top developers. It can download, install, uninstall, and update your software and purchases, and you can use it to access various online communities, support, and services.

We were prompted to register for a free account when we installed Impulse, which let us access online content such as ImpulseTV from an interface tab. Other tabs accessed Explore, a sort of front page; Community, which offered news, rankings, friends, and more; and MySoftware, a digital archive that comes populated with Stardock's optionally free MyColors theme software. We could also easily add and remove custom tabs to the menu bar, or click the Preferences icon, with a few selections like registration and updates. Impulse's installation feature quickly installed MyColors and just as quickly and easily uninstalled it. Next we clicked ImpulseTV and previewed a new sci-fi game. Clicking a button labeled Catalog displayed all available software in a filtered view, and a browser-like address bar and controls gave a familiar feel to navigation.

Impulse is clearly designed to sell games and other software. However, if you have a mind to buy the latest games or just want to see what's available and coming soon, there are far worse ways to shop. Impulse also does a good job of keeping track of downloads and purchases, which is probably enough in itself, if you're a better laser gunner than record keeper.

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