Customizable disk cleaner

Clean your disks with this highly customizable freeware.

There are more disk-cleaning utilities available online than you can shake a memory stick at. They range in price from totally free to double digits, and in performance from excellent to lousy. We looked at a good one, Moo0 DiskCleaner. It's fast, flexible, and can run at startup or whenever you like. You can customize its function as well as its look. It supports some 130 targets, including temporary data, browser caches, and private data.

The Moo0 installation wizard offered to install a free autocomplete search tool as well, but we opted just to install DiskCleaner, which opened when the installer closed. DiskCleaner's semitransparent interface sports muted gray tones with contrasting pea-green sliders and small but colorful program icons, an attractive look but just one of many, many others available on the skins menu; there are literally dozens of choices, including the ability to create your own themes. We could also adjust the display's transparency, font, and size; add custom targets to the main list; and change the interface language from the program's options menu. DiskCleaner automatically scanned our system when we opened it. The main view displayed each item's title, size, description, and location in draggable, rotatable columns. It's possible to select and deselect all items from the program menu, but we recommend taking your cue from the program itself and selecting those items you want cleaned individually. This not only keeps you from accidentally deleting something you meant to keep, but also helps you familiarize yourself with your system's various file caches. We checked everything we wanted to delete and clicked the Clean Now! button. DiskCleaner tracked its progress and very quickly displayed a small pop-up detailing how many files had been cleaned and how many more would be removed upon reboot.

We've also tested Moo0 DiskCleaner Portable, which is a totally portable version of DiskCleaner that is otherwise identical to the installed version. Whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference or particular need, since both do a great job.

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