Registry repair

Fix registry errors with this simple program.

We're constantly installing and uninstalling the programs that we review for, and we're sure you can imagine the mess that this creates on our computer: files, icons, and menu items that are left behind, and lots and lots of registry errors. Fortunately, there's a wide variety of registry cleaners that can tidy things up for us. Argente - Registry Cleaner is one such program. We can't say that there's anything about it that really sets it apart from the crowd, but it does an adequate job as far as we can tell.

The program's interface is plain, with its features arranged in a menu down the left side and a large empty pane in the middle where registry errors are displayed. It immediately started searching for updates to its database when we launched it. Once that was done, we clicked the Start New Analysis button and waited a few minutes for Argente - Registry Cleaner to do its thing. When it was finished, it had located 1,176 registry errors. Yikes! These were displayed in a list with check boxes, allowing us to select or deselect them as desired. We then clicked the Repair Selected Errors button and it set to work cleaning things up. Unfortunately, as with most such programs, there's no way to know whether or not you're inadvertently deleting something that shouldn't be deleted, so novice users should proceed with caution. The program does include a registry backup utility, which we appreciated, although it would have been nice if a Help file were included to give inexperienced users some guidance. Overall, we thought that Argente - Registry Cleaner worked just fine; it didn't rock our world, but it did seem to do a thorough job of searching and repairing our registry.

Argente - Registry Cleaner installs politely but leaves a folder behind upon removal.

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