The write tool for the job

Make writing a whiz with this powerful outlining suite.

Approaching a writing project logically has many benefits for the writer, not the least of which is better organization. This is where WhizFolders Organizer Pro enters the scene. It's a powerful word processing and outlining suite designed to help writers improve their productivity and work habits, but where it shines is in helping people capture new ideas when they strike. It's optimized for writing tasks, but its ability to quickly save your ideas, notes, and jottings and integrate them in an overall narrative is useful not just for writers but also for entrepreneurs, artists, project managers, executives, and lawyers, to name but a few.

WhizFolders is based around WhizFolder documents, which can contain not only rich text but also images and objects. The left-hand navigation panel features the Topic List, a hierarchical display of saved WhizFolder documents and their dependent submenus, each of which is known as a Child. The program opened with a default document containing a comprehensive selection of instructions for adding, editing, and managing Notes, the program's most basic unit. Clicking Add Topic on the program's extensive toolbar created a new Note; right-clicking any note or heading called up an equally impressive context menu of commands and options. Highlighting any Note displayed its content in the tabbed main window, called the Note Viewer. Each new WhizFolders file adds a new tab to the interface and places an additional, smaller toolbar beneath the main toolbar for adding topics, searching, and other housekeeping. It is with some trepidation that we pressed the button labeled Make a Child, but all it did was add a subentry to our document, much to our relief.

If WhizFolders seems complex at first, it's because it's a complex program that does a lot more than we can adequately summarize, not just as a file manager but also as notekeeper, word processor, and organizational aid. However, the underlying concept is quite simple: a flexible means of capturing, organizing, and integrating your ideas into an outline that you can print out, e-mail, save to a disk, turn into a self-running eBook, protect with passwords, and customize in still more ways. WhizFolders offers lots of help at every step, too.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of WhizFolders Organizer Pro 6.5.2. The trial version is limited to 30 days and some features were disabled.

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