Wise disk cleaning

Clean, defragment, and optimize your disk drives with this flexible freeware.

Wise Disk Cleaner Portable is one of the better freeware disk cleaners we've tried, portable or not. It not only cleans up your disk drives by deleting junk files, temporary files, and other dross, but also defragments and optimizes disk drives and can even recover deleted files in many cases. The program scans and analyzes your system and recommends specific actions, such as whether or not to defragment certain disks. It offers a lot of user-selectable options, too, such as the ability to deselect any file from a comprehensive view and to designate specific "junk" folders.

Wise Disk Cleaner's wizard lets users select which file types to clean and where to clean them. The program's recommendations seemed spot-on, so we followed them. Wise Disk Cleaner quickly cleaned more than 7,000 files from our four physical disks, freeing up 76.80 MB of space, with another 900 or so files to be deleted upon reboot. Next we tried the Wise Disk Defragment tool, which took some time before presenting its interface. After a few moments, we thought it had crashed or the system had frozen, but Wise Disk Defragment was just doing its thing, analyzing our disks, and eventually its attractively configured interface popped up with data on our drives displayed above a color-coded defrag map and check boxes to select actions as well as the automatic shutdown command. At every step, Wise Disk Cleaner offered options, including doing nothing at all, and then performed all our tasks with a single click. The tool offered three actions: Recommended, Defragment, and Optimization. Only two of our seven partitions needed defragmenting, according to the Recommended settings, though we could have easily selected each drive's check box and the Defragment command to tidy up all the drives. The Options included Scheduled Tasks, with both quick settings and pop-ups for more detailed scheduling.

Wise Disk Cleaner Portable's documentation shows some fractured English; for instance, the toolbar-accessible setup wizard is labeled the "Wizard of Wise Disk Cleaner." But the Web-based manual offered clear instructions and assistance. We're all for "show and tell" in disk cleaners: Show us which files will be deleted, and tell us why. Even with the occasional translational hiccup, Wise Disk Cleaner does both.

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