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Calculate date differences, convert units, and more with this shipping-oriented calculator.

SA Calculator is a portable freeware calculator with some business-oriented extras, such as transaction tape support, exporting to text and Excel, and the ability to quickly calculate the time between two dates. It's from Sigil Advertising, which is based in Dubai. What's the connection? Shipping: Dubai is one of the oldest and busiest ports in the world, and SA Calculator is just the tool for calculating shipping schedules, arrival and departure dates, and transit times.

SA Calculator requires no installation, which means you can keep it on a USB drive or portable devices and run it on any Windows PC. Like most software calculators, its interface resembles handheld calculators in layout and function, with the addition of Edit, Options, and Help menus. Numerals appeared in the entry bar as we typed, displaying the total when we pressed the Equals sign and simultaneously presenting the entire equation in the transaction tape display window. Clicking the Edit menu let us copy, export, clear, and delete the transaction tape data. The Options menu let us toggle access to the Date Calculation and Unit Conversion panels and the always-on-top checkbox and also add separators. We clicked Date Conversion, which expanded the calculator's interface. We could choose to calculate the difference between two dates or add and subtract periods of time by selecting dates from scrolling calendar displays and clicking Calculate. The tool displayed the difference in two fields, one showing years, months, weeks, and days, and another showing the total number of days. The Unit Conversion tool is typical of its type, with drop-down menus for units and values. The Help menu offered an update checker and a Web link but no Help file, nor is one needed: It's a calculator, not a CAD package.

SA Calculator's extras make it a good choice for an everyday desktop calculator, especially if you're involved in shipping, whether it's packages to your eBay customers or container ships going halfway around the world.

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