Memory Cleaner

Boost your PC's performance by freeing up system memory.

Nitro MemOptimizer is a simple program that does a simple thing: flush the system memory at regularly scheduled times, freeing up resources and making your PC run more smoothly. It's great for older systems and those with limited amounts of RAM, which typically need more help than newer PCs. It's free, too.

Nitro MemOptimizer's diminutive interface has just two controls, one to set the time interval between the program's operations, with a Reset button; another labeled Optimize Now. The interface displayed our current memory usage; time to the next optimization in hours, minutes, and seconds; and the time of the latest optimization. The program's system tray icon offered the option to configure MemOptimizer to run on start-up, which we didn't select, and to open the program's Web site, which we did. The site offered basic instructions for running MemOptimizer, including comparing your system's memory before and after the program runs via the Windows Task Manager. We opened the Task Manager, clicked the Processes tab, and then ran MemOptimizer. Almost immediately the totals in the Memory column plunged, recovering as necessary running processes reclaimed their territory. However, processes like Explorer, the Desktop Manager, and our browser showed dramatic differences. After a while, we optimized the memory again, with similar results. We then set MemOptimizer's scheduler to 1 minute and returned to the Task Manager. On schedule, the Task Manager showed that MemOptimizer was doing its job. The scheduler allows for intervals of up to 100 minutes; the default is 30 minutes, which seems like a good choice.

If you have an older, slower PC that's nearing the end of its useful service but is still on duty, and you don't want to replace or upgrade it, try Nitro MemOptimizer. Since it's free, you've got nothing to lose, except the bill for a new computer.

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