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Assign images to folder thumbnails with this handy utility.

Ever wish you could get a visual representation of what's in a folder on your computer? Now you can quickly and easily assign images to be displayed on folders in Explorer's thumbnail view with Fast Folder.JPG. This tiny app lets you customize your folders with a simple drag-and-drop process.

There are several ways to use Fast Folder.JPG, and all of them are easy. You can open the program, launching a small square interface. Onto this interface you can drag the folder you want to customize and, if there's only one image in it, the program will automatically create the thumbnail. If there are multiple images, Fast Folder.JPG will ask you which one you want to use. Alternately, you can go into the folder you want to customize and drag the desired image to the interface instead; the results are the same. Even better, you can take advantage of Fast Folder.JPG without even launching it; simply add the program to your Quick Launch menu, and then drag the desired folder or image there. Fast Folder will work its magic even more quickly. The program has a brief online Help file that explains its use, which is nice, because it's not the most intuitive thing at first glance. However, to use Fast Folder.JPG just a couple of times is to become familiar with all of its functions. Overall, Fast Folder.JPG is a pretty basic program without a lot of features, but it's a great tool to have around if you typically use the thumbnail view in Explorer.

Fast Folder.JPG installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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