A bit of a drag

Drag windows to resize them with this interesting but clunky desktop enhancement.

We'll state up front that we are generally not very big fans of Windows desktop enhancements; too often they are clunky and buggy and end up slowing our system down instead of enhancing it. AeroSnap Plus aims to emulate the window dragging and resizing functionality of Windows 7 in other versions of Windows, and though it does work, we're afraid that it, too, falls victim to some of the problems that commonly plague applications of this type.

The program downloaded without issues and launched without installation. A six-tab menu appeared that was part options dialog and part Help file. For the most part the menu simply listed the program's features and how to access them, but there were also a few sliders and check boxes for customizing the program's behavior. AeroSnap's main feature is that it lets users maximize windows by dragging them to the top edge of the screen and shrink them to half-size by dragging them to the right or left edge. Users can also specify custom resize dimensions that can be activated by dragging the window to the corners of the screen. Although these features worked, the program's performance seemed a little laggy, and it was more of a distraction than an enhancement. In addition to the resizing features, AeroSnap also lets users toggle window transparency on and off, roll windows up to display just the title bar, and automatically save the contents of the clipboard as a text file. The program's system tray icon gives users quick access to controls for monitoring brightness, disabling the screensaver, and disabling the autoplay feature of media drives. Overall, AeroSnap worked fairly well and provided some useful features, but we can't say it particularly impressed us. Its coolest feature--the window resizing--was more of a clunky curiosity than a sleek improvement, and the other features just weren't that special.

AeroSnap Plus is worth checking out if you like to experiment with desktop enhancements, but it is by no means a must-have application.

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