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Simnet UnInstaller 2010 is a free utility for uninstalling programs from Windows PCs. It's compact and easy to use, and removes programs as completely as the Windows uninstaller. However, it does less than the Windows uninstall tool and similar free uninstallers. It also offers to help you manage your programs, but it only uninstalls them.

Simnet UnInstaller shares a similar interface with the developer's other tools, a compact, colorful dialog with buttons marked About, Status, Programs, Settings, and Help. The Settings are limited to check boxes for automatic updates and creating a System Restore point before uninstalling software. We didn't check the latter box but can see its value in some circumstances. Clicking Status opened a view displaying some program data and a large button labeled Manage Programs, which actually just took us to the Programs tab. This is an alphabetical listing of installed programs and their size, but it offers no entries for installation date, last used, and similar information, and it isn't rotatable, meaning we couldn't click Size to order the list by size. We selected a program and clicked Uninstall. UnInstaller removed the program, displaying pop-up notifications. There's also a button on the Status page labeled "Check your PC health." This led to a scan that identifies "problems" with your system and offers to fix them for you by downloading some of the developer's other wares. Since Simnet UnInstaller doesn't add any real functionality and actually does less than the built-in Windows tool, we suspect that getting you to run a PC "health check" is what Simnet UnInstaller is really about.

UnInstaller notes, correctly, that unused and unwanted programs tend to use up space and slow your system down, and that uninstalling them helps speed things up. However, since it won't tell you which programs you're not using much, it isn't much use in removing them. The Windows program uninstaller offers more information about your program use, making it much easier to decide what should stay and what should go. Other free uninstallers offer much more, too. Keep looking.

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