TeraCopy made portable

Copy, move, and test batches of files with this portable freeware.

TeraCopy Portable is a portable freeware version of TeraCopy, a free tool that improves how Windows copies and moves files, making the process not only quicker and easier but also more secure. It adds extras like the ability to pause and resume transfers, even broken transfers; skip bad files; and recover from errors. It also verifies checksums.

TeraCopy Portable is essentially a slightly slimmed-down version of teracopy.exe that comes with a PortableApps PAF installer as well as modifications that store settings and other data locally. We installed the program and opened it via the PortableApps Suite, though it's just as easy to click the executable or create a shortcut to any destination you like. We've already tested TeraCopy, and pretty much everything about the installed version is true about the portable version, with the notable exception of the Shell Integration feature, of course; since the portable version can't be integrated with the Windows file structure in start-up (at least, not easily) you can't choose it from context menus or use it as the default Windows copy-and-move utility, and those selections are grayed out in the Preferences. However, you can still drag and drop files into its expanded interface and copy, move, test, or delete them, which we did successfully. Updating the Portable version is simply a matter of downloading the latest version and replacing the old version with it.

The developer says the best way to use TeraCopy Portable is with file managers such as Total Commander and Directory Opus, both of which you can integrate with TeraCopy Portable from its Preferences. However, we had neither of those programs on hand, so we couldn't test those capabilities. The best way to use TeraCopy Portable alone is as a portable batch file copier, mover, and checksum tester. Since the regular version of TeraCopy is also free, we think it's a much better choice than the portable version as your primary copy-and-replace tool. However, the portable version is handy to have on a USB drive as part of your portable toolkit.

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