Excel template gets good grade

Keep ahead of the class using these free Excel grade book templates.

Teachers once entered and totaled their pupils' grades in actual grade books, but these days the "grade book" is probably a spreadsheet file. Gradebook for Excel from Vertex42 is a free pack of grade-keeping spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel. It's aimed at college and high school educators, but it's suitable for any teacher. It includes templates for grading based on percentages, points, and grade point averages (GPAs) or letter grades.

As with most Excel templates, these are very easy to use. We simply extracted and saved the zipped templates to a directory of our choice. We then clicked each one to open it in Excel, entered our data, and renamed and saved the finished file to a different directory. Whenever we needed a new, blank grade sheet, we could simply click the template again. The first we examined was the GPA template, which opened on the Gradebook tab. This page gave clear instructions for entering grades and other data and had a number of sample students' entries already filled in. The Names tab had a standard list of names with ID numbers, but the Grades tab was full of useful information on grading scales, percentiles, averages, and converting letter grades to points. The templates for percentages and points were quite similar, with the same Names and Grades tabs but different front pages. The Terms of Use tabs on each included a link to the developer's site, which offered yet more detailed information on the grading process as well as further links and references on the topic. We appreciate the effort; it's one thing to provide a free template for grading and another to explain grading in general.

This is one of the developer's vast number of offerings of templates for Word, Excel, and other programs, many of them freely available. It's for teachers, professors, substitutes, coaches, or anyone with Excel who can use a good grade book.

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