Memory cleaner

Keep your system's memory tidy and in-check with this set-and-forget freeware.

CleanMem is a free tool that clears up your system's memory on a scheduled basis, thus preventing your system from running out of memory, turning to the hard drive for help, and slowing your system down. It calls a Window API, using built-in processes to do the work for it, which means fewer conflicts. While users whose systems are a bit short on memory will get the best out of CleanMem, even those with massive amounts of RAM can use it to good advantage by keeping their hard drives free of junk. It can keep SSD boot drives free of temporary memory files and keep intense 3D games from causing memory hitches and glitches. It can keep older PCs in the game a bit longer, too, and help keep programs with memory leaks in check.

CleanMem's installer includes both 32- and 64-bit versions as well as the CleanMem Mini Monitor, an add-on that lets users configure how CleanMem displays information and other options. CleanMem is basically a set-and-forget program, and all scheduling is done from the program's system tray icon. We clicked the entry to change the program's runtime, which opened the Windows Task Scheduler, a familiar tool. Clicking Show/Hide Monitor or Totals & Buttons toggled open a pair of tiny information bars near the notification area (aka system tray) displaying memory used and page file size and incorporating a small button that triggered the memory cleaner. We clicked it, and we also clicked Clean Memory on the program's file menu, each time activating the memory cleaning tool, and each time making no obvious difference to our 6GB of RAM.

CleanMem's developer is clear that the program can't make your system run faster; it's merely designed to keep it from running slower and also to keep your hard disk free of temporary memory files. Even those with huge tracts of RAM can use CleanMem to keep things clean, but for older PCs or those with limited memory resources, it's a must-have utility.

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