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Share links easily with this versatile Firefox add-on.

A substantial number of the cool things we see on the Internet are things that were shared by someone else on a social networking site, a blog, or via good old-fashioned e-mail. ShareThis (Firefox) is a Firefox extension that makes it easy to share things using all these methods, as well as many others.

ShareThis installs easily, appearing to the right of Firefox's address bar as an icon with a drop-down menu. Immediately after installation, you are asked to choose from among 53 methods of sharing, including e-mail, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, and plenty of others both popular and obscure. All of these services are available at any time through ShareThis, but the ones you select as your favorites appear in the extension's drop-down menu. As long as you are logged into the service that you want to use, ShareThis makes sharing pretty effortless. Simply navigate to the link you want to share and choose the desired service from the menu, and the extension will launch a new Web page in which the shared link is ready to be posted. For example, we selected Twitter, and ShareThis opened a new page with a Tweet containing the link that we wanted to share. All we had to do was edit it, if needed, and click Tweet to post it to our Twitter account. Sharing via e-mail was even easier; we just entered our own e-mail address, our recipient's address, and an optional message, and clicked Send. We didn't test all of the services that ShareThis offers, but of the ones we did try, all of them worked except for Tumblr; ShareThis kept taking us to the log-in page, even though we were already logged in. Still, the extension worked well overall, and we think it's a worthwhile addition to Firefox for anyone who frequently shares links.

ShareThis (Firefox) installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this add-on to all users.

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