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Close your download manager automatically--but why?

If you're not careful, Firefox's built-in download manager can leave a long trail of evidence about your Internet activities. Whether you've been downloading cheesy songs or snagging photos and videos of a more adult nature, sometimes it's a good idea to cover your tracks. Fortunately, Firefox has this capability built into its download manager in the form a button labeled "Clear List," which does reliably clear the contents of the download list. Clean And Close is an add-on for Firefox that does more or less the same thing, with one extra step built in.

Clean And Close installs easily, and once it's installed, it simply replaces the "Clear List" button with one that reads "Clear List & Close." Just as the old button did, clicking on this button clears the contents of the download list. The extension also takes the additional step of closing the download manager. And that's really the extent of what Clean And Close does; it doesn't have any other options or features. We suppose it could be useful if you're afraid that you might leave your freshly cleared download list open and invite suspicion about why it's empty, but this seems a little far-fetched. Honestly, we're not quite sure why you would use Clean And Close. It works as it's supposed to, but it doesn't really do anything that makes it worth downloading and installing. We don't need a browser extension to close a window when we could easily do it ourselves with a single mouse click.

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