Heaven sent

Get a Biblical theme with this basic Firefox add-on.

The default appearance of Firefox is pleasant enough, but sometimes customizations are nice, too. Now you can reflect your Christian faith in Firefox with Bible Fox Blue. This browser extension changes some of the browser's button icons to religious images. The extension doesn't do a whole lot, but it's a nice choice if you'd like to add some visual reminders of Christianity to your Web browsing experience.

The extension installs without issues, although it will make Bing your default search engine unless you opt out. Once we had installed it and restarted Firefox, the changes were obvious. The Back and Forward buttons were replaced by fish symbols (more commonly known as the "Jesus fish") pointing in either direction, the Reload button was replaced with a dove symbol, the Stop button became a crucifix, and the Home button was replaced by a church. The arrows on the scroll bar were also replaced with a cross at the top and an anchor at the bottom, and the browser's color changed from the default Firefox gray to a pleasant pale blue. The extension doesn't have any options for customization, so if there's anything you don't like about the theme, there is no way to tweak it. Overall, Bible Fox Blue didn't knock our socks off--we've seen Firefox themes that are much more complex and customizable--but it's not bad for what it is. This would be a great choice for use in a church environment or by any devout Christian.

Bible Fox Blue installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.

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