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Create and insert custom signatures with this clever Chrome extension.

We like the idea of having an e-mail signature, but we typically don't use one, because we use the same email account for so many different aspects of our life. The cheeky quote that would be appropriate for emails to friends is not necessarily something we want to attach to business correspondence, and we don't need the details of our contact information to land in the inbox of every person we happen to e-mail. Fortunately, WiseStamp - Email Signatures makes it easy to create custom signatures that can be changed from e-mail to e-mail, ensuring that your signature is always useful and appropriate.

This Chrome extension installs easily and appears to the right of Chrome's address bar as a small icon. Clicking on the icon lets users open the WiseStamp interface and create their custom signatures. In addition to a text box where you can enter your name and contact information, WiseStamp provides several really cool tools for customizing your signature. Users can add real-time updates from their Twitter, RSS, or StumbleUpon feeds, links to social networking profiles, and instant messenger IDs. There's even a random quote generator that can insert quotes about specific topics into your signature. This extension provides a high level of customization but remains easy to use; everything about it is intuitive. Our only complaint about WiseStamp is that, as far as we can tell, it only lets users create two signatures, a business one and personal one. With a signature maker this versatile we suspect that users won't want to limit themselves to just two, but even a check of the otherwise adequate Help file didn't reveal a way to add additional signatures. Still, WiseStamp is a fun and useful browser extension that lets users insert custom signatures into all Web-based e-mails, and we think it's a good choice anyway.

WiseStamp - Email Signatures installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.

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