Not exactly a picnic

Functional problems compromise this otherwise useful extension.

Picnik is a great online image-editing tool that makes it easy to make basic tweaks to your photos. The Picnik extension from Google Chrome seems like a great idea at first glance, providing a way for users to quickly snag images from the Internet and start editing them in Picnik. Unfortunately, the add-on doesn't quite work as it should.

Picnik installs easily in Chrome and appears as an icon to the right of the address bar. When the icon is clicked, a menu with three options appears: Go to Picnik, Send the Visible Page to Picnic, or Pick an Image to Edit in Picnik. Beneath this last option there is a thumbnail that displays of all of the images on the Web page that is currently open. The first two tools worked fine; one did indeed take us to the Picnik home page, while the other captured the current page we were on and opened it in Picnik. The last option, however, didn't quite cut it. The thumbnails were displayed, and when we clicked on them they were highlighted in the menu, but we were never able to actually select an image and open it in Picnik. Absolutely nothing happened when we tried to do this. The extension doesn't have an Options menu, so we're pretty sure that the malfunction wasn't the result of a setting that needed to be changed. Overall, we like Picnik's Web site and we think that this extension is a great idea, but it's going to need some work before we can really recommend it.

Picnik installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension with reservations.

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