On top of the Wave

Get alerted to new Google Wave activity with this handy extension.

Google Wave is a collaborative tool that lets users merge e-mail, wikis, instant messaging, and social networking. Users can create meetings, to-do lists, polls, discussions, and much more, making it possible to collaborate online almost as easily as you do in person. You can keep up with the latest activity in Wave with Google Wave Notifier, a Chrome extension that alerts users to new Wave updates.

The extension installs easily and appears to the right of Chrome's address bar as a small version of the wiggly Wave W icon. When there are updates to your Wave account, a number appears on the icon letting you know how many new things are going on. There are a handful of settings for the extension, including options for the refresh rate (there are choices from 5 to 30 minutes), the ability to enter a link to a particular Wave that the extension will open, and options to hide the navigation box, contacts box, search box, and preview box. The extension even lets users choose from three different color schemes for the browser icon. Overall, Google Wave Notifier is a pretty basic add-on, and it doesn't do a whole lot. But when you need to stay on top of the activity in your Google Wave, it's great way to receive alerts in a visible but unobtrusive manner.

Google Wave Notifier installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to all users.

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