Android gets Grinch-y

The classic Dr. Seuss story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" comes to Android in the form of an interactive book. How well does the familiar tale hold up in mobile form?

The classic story of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" has come to Android and it translates quite nicely. The interactive, digital version of the book feels very comfortable and familiar complete with the original artwork. Intuitive from the first time it is opened, the app acts exactly like one would hope. For instance, tapping on a characters or item within pictures, yields the pronunciation and spelling. Words are highlighted in red as the narrator reads them aloud and can be reread with a quick tap.

Options include reading the story on your own, having it read to you, and autoplay. The main difference between autoplay and having the story narrated is the ability to turn pages when ready. Skipping forward and back is as simple as swiping the screen from side to side.

Sound effects and music are present throughout the story, adding to its ambience. For example, Mt. Crumpit feels a tad colder when you can hear the whistling winds way up on high. On Christmas morning, readers can hear music coming from the village of Who-ville at the same time as The Grinch. These are subtle touches that go a long way.

Handing the book over to my 7-year-old son, he was able to open the app and get started without further direction. I tried this on both an EVO 4G as well as a Galaxy Tab, with the tablet providing a much more immersive experience. As with any book, electronic or otherwise, a bigger screen always helps. After playing with this and "The Cat in the Hat," I would definitely consider buying more in the Dr. Seuss catalog.

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