FarmView filter in Chrome

View and filter FarmView feeds with this free Chrome extension.

FarmVille is one of the most popular real-time simulation games on the Web and the most popular app on Facebook, with more than 60 million active users worldwide and nearly 25 million Facebook fans. Google's free Chrome browser isn't quite as popular yet, but it's gaining fast, with a growing number of cool extensions. FV Feed Filter is a free Chrome extension that lets you view and filter your FarmVille feeds in the Chrome interface.

We opened Chrome and logged on to Facebook. We then opened a new tab and downloaded and installed FV Feed Filter, which placed a toolbar along the top of our browser window, just under the bookmarks toolbar. This skinnable FV toolbar contained buttons to access FarmView feeds: Animals, Eggs, Collectibles, Consumables, Fuel, Market, Bonuses, Help, Specials, Flowers, Fertilize, Info, and Show All. FarmVille is a multiplayer role-playing simulation in which players create avatars, start new farms, and earn various rewards for playing. Facebook adds social-networking features, such as the ability to invite friends to play, earning farm cash for visits and other participation. We didn't test FarmVille, though, which needs no approval on our part! We merely tested FV Feed Filter's ability to make FarmVille's Facebook app easier to use inside Chrome. At this it succeeds. It's updated fairly regularly, too, mostly to keep up with changes to the Facebook interface. Recent additions of note include a button labeled Older Posts that keeps you from having to scroll all the way to the bottom to see older messages, and visited posts are now retained.

Facebook accounts for nearly a quarter of all U.S. page views, and the global numbers are similar. Around 10 percent of all Facebook users play FarmVille, more than the population of most countries. If you're one of them and also use Chrome, FV Feed Filter is for you.

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