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Stop looking for other calendars: Here's the only one you need.

Calendars and computers go together like bread and butter. Calendar Magic from EuroSoft is the best program we've seen for applying computing power to datekeeping. It can display virtually any calendar system known to science or history. How many calendar programs offer the French Revolutionary calendar; four Hindu calendars; two Balinese calendars; and Julian, Coptic, Hebrew, Yoruba, Ethiopian, Chinese, Baha'i, Bangla, and many other systems? Or can display Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and other holidays, feast days, and significant dates for any year in any calendar system? And save notes, post reminders, and offer 26 extra utilities that do everything from calculate fuel consumption to recurring decimals to biorhythms? Did we mention it's free?

Calendar Magic is very easy to set up and use; all you really need to remember is the Main Screen button, which returns you to the program's compact, customizable interface. The interface displays personal reminders in its main view, below the date bar, with the (optional) Julian Day displayed above the software's home location, London, England. Since we live elsewhere, the first thing we did was change the Location to the Faeroe Islands. The second thing we did was change it to our real location, which also displayed local sunrise and sunset times when we clicked the button to return to the main screen. This is the typical options setup process, and one we found handy. Though you can access any of the program's calendars, dates, times, reminders, quick notes, or utilities from the File menu, the easiest way to use Calendar Magic is to add the calendars and other features you use most often to the Favorites menu, which we did. Now clicking Favorites opened a brief menu listing just our stuff, such as the Persian arithmetic calendar, special calendar for Luxembourg, Chinese religious festivals, and the regnal date conversion tool for all English and British monarchs; essential, each one.

What else? Well, there's the Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, and Reaction Timer. Password protection. Body mass index, blood alcohol content, ovulation, and pregnancy calculators. Mayan and Aztec Constants. Epochs. The Traveling Salesman Problem. We haven't checked yet, but we're hoping it does the dishes, too. Major keeper.

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