Torrents ahoy!

Search The Pirate Bay easily with this basic Chrome add-on.

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular sites on the Internet for finding BitTorrent files. Music, movies, software, games, and other types of media are widely (and often illegally) shared in this file format. The Pirate Bay Search is a simple add-on for Chrome that lets users search The Pirate Bay quickly without having to enter the Web address.

The extension's interface is plain. The Pirate Bay Search appears as an icon to the right of Chrome's address bar, and clicking on it produces a small box with seven buttons representing the different types of media: Audio, Video, Applications, Games, Pictures, E-Books, and Others. Users can select the full Pirate Bay search or one of these particular types of files and then enter search terms into a text box. Click the Search button, and The Pirate Bay returns your search results in a Chrome tab. That's really all there is to The Pirate Bay Search; it doesn't have any settings or a Help file. All it really does is shave a few seconds off your search for torrent files, but if you search for and download these files frequently, it might be worth installing for the convenience. It's unobtrusive and allows users to integrate BitTorrent searches into Chrome, a handy function for frequent users.

The Pirate Bay Search installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this add-on to all users.

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