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Search Mediafire directly from Chrome using Google with this free search extension.

Mediafire and Google Chrome users will want to check out Mediafire Super Search, a free Chrome extension that adds a dedicated Mediafire search engine to the Chrome interface. The search engine is actually just Google specifically set to search only Mediafire, the online file storage and sharing site. Mediafire Super Search saves a lot of time and keystrokes over searching step by step, which for our purposes we'll call "the hard way."

Mediafire Super Search installs like a typical Chrome extension; that is, automatically, when you allow it to. It placed an icon bearing Mediafire's white-on-blue "M" logo in the increasingly populated extensions space at the right-hand side of our Chrome toolbar. While we could enable and disable the search add-on from the Chrome extensions manager, Mediafire Super Search offers no options beyond the usual link to the developer's Google page, which itself offered links to the software developer's home page as well as contact points, user reviews, and other features. Mediafire Super Search is so easy to use that no options are needed. We clicked the Mediafire icon on the Chrome toolbar, and a small search window appeared, bearing the message, "Want it, type it!" We did, and Chrome opened a new tab with a page full of search results from Mediafire's extensive holdings. Some of the results were password-protected files; others were not. We searched several film titles with varying levels of success: Mediafire's holdings seem fairly typical for the type of site.

We didn't evaluate Mediafire's service, though; only Mediafire Super Search's ability to quickly search the Mediafire site from the Google Chrome interface. It's not necessary to register to use Mediafire, but like many such storage services, your access to storage space and extra features increases with free registered and premium accounts. Mediafire's many users could do worse than to try Mediafire Super Search and Google Chrome together, though.

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