Quran In Chrome

View daily or random verses from the Quran and Hadith with this free Google Chrome extension.

Daily Islam by Umar Sheikh is a free Google Chrome extension that displays a verse from the Quran and another from the Hadith when you click its toolbar icon. It has two operational modes: Daily, which provides a new pair or verses for each day; and Random, which displays new verses every time you click the icon.

Daily Islam installs easily, like all Chrome extensions. It placed minaret-shaped icon on a green background in our Chrome toolbar. We clicked it, and a pop-up window appeared near the icon with verses from the Quran and Hadith. Each verse had a small green plus sign that expanded to the complete text; each was also linked by its name to a page at iknowledge.islamicnature.com with more detailed information as well as Arabic script, audio clips, and other features. We right-clicked the Daily Islam icon and selected Options on the extension's menu. The Options page offered a drop-down language menu, but only for the Quran display. We clicked the Type control, changing from Daily to Random mode, and clicked Save. We returned to the Daily Islam icon, which offered a new pair of verses. We closed the pop-up and clicked the icon again, and Daily Islam delivered yet another pair of verses.

Daily Islam worked perfectly, though we imagine some users would prefer language choices for the Hadith readings, too (there's always room for improvement). Daily Islam seems especially useful for devotions in its Daily mode. As an educational tool in its Random mode, it's great for learning to understand Islam.

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