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Search Megaupload from the Google Chrome toolbar with this free extension.

Megaupload Super Search is a free Google Chrome extension that searches for videos and other files on, an online file-storage and file-sharing service that hosts videos on its Megavideo affiliate site. Like many such sites, Megaupload offers several levels of access--free, free registration, and premium--with various inducements to persuade you to upgrade.

Megaupload Super Search installs like other Chrome extensions; we simply clicked the download link and clicked Continue and Install in Chrome, and the program's M icon appeared in the toolbar among our other extensions. Clicking the icon opened a small pop-up with a search field and the message, "Type it, get it! (or not)." Despite this caveat, Megaupload's search engine leaves little to be desired. We entered a film title and clicked the magnifying glass search icon. Megaupload Super Search quickly returned hits. We clicked one and were taken to Megaupload's suggestions queue. We selected our video, and a Megavideo page opened. Clicking the large Play arrow on the page buffered the video; when the arrow's background changed from red to green, we pressed Play again, and our video started. The audio and video quality was respectable, given the content, and the built-in player had a useful set of controls in a translucent toolbar that appeared and disappeared when we moused over the screen. The Play page also offered two buttons for choosing streaming quality, Low and High. Clicking either opened a premium video site; likewise two prominent buttons that seem to be controls labeled Download and Play Now each offered downloads of RealPlayer.

We didn't evaluate Megaupload's storage or premium services, just Megaupload Super Search's ability to search the site from Chrome. At that, it did just fine. It's great for Megaupload users who want to take advantage of the site's Megavideo services or for anyone who wants to search Megaupload quickly from inside Chrome.

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