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Add instant Google Calendar access to Chrome with this free extension.

Google Calendar is a handy Web-based appointment manager that lets you access your data anywhere you can access Google, which is pretty much everywhere these days. Google Calendar Checker is a free extension for Google's free Web browser, Chrome. It lets you access your Google Calendar page from Chrome with a click.

Installing extensions in Chrome is simply a matter of opening the download page, clicking the link, and allowing Chrome to open and install the software. Google Calendar Checker placed an icon with the rest of our extensions on the right end of the Chrome toolbar. Clicking it instantly opened Google Calendar in a new tab inside Chrome. Since we'd already signed in to Gmail, we were automatically signed in for Google Calendar too, as well as any password-protected Google feature we chose to access. This is the primary advantage of Google Calendar Checker, the capability to take advantage of Google's Web-based privacy and security features to keep your data safe from prying eyes but instantly and universally accessible to you. As with most Chrome extensions, we were able to access Google Calendar Checker's options by right-clicking the extension's icon or by Tools and Extensions on Chrome's customization and settings menu via the wrench icon. There's only one option, though, a checkbox to enable multicalendar support, which we selected. Clicking the extension's name on the context menu opened its home page, which offered update information, user reviews, and support. One cool thing: when we reopened Chrome, the Calendar icon did a kind of flip, and a small display showed 6d, for six days, which happened to be the number of days until Thanksgiving, as a pop-up message informed us.

Google Chrome is a fast alternative to the big names in the game, and it's getting better all the time. Google Calendar is a versatile day book that's accessible anywhere. Put the two together, and you've got a daily double that's always a winner.

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