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Keep it simple and prioritized with this free personal organizer.

Efigio is a free personal organizer that keeps it simple. It has one job, essentially: prioritize your tasks. You enter what you need to do, a deadline, a category, and a color-coded priority, plus any notes you want to jot down. It generates a simple list, ranking your tasks by priority and due date. You can enter tasks far in advance and be reminded of them as they move up Efigio's rankings. It shows you, at a glance, what's on your plate, what's on deck, and what's on the horizon.

Efigio is fully draggable and expandable from a minibar to full size, so it's easy to park where it's handy but unobtrusive. Its interface is plain, just a main field and a toolbar containing icons for adding, removing, and editing ToDo entries and printing your lists, as well as Undo and Redo arrows. While there's no Help file, one really isn't needed, as Efigio is a very simple tool to figure out and use. We clicked the ToDo icon, and Efigio created a new grid-delineated entry. We entered a Description, Garbage; a Priority, Critical; a Deadline, today's date (chosen by clicking on an expandable, scrolling calendar); and a Category, Home (other choices are Work, School, and user-defined). We clicked the Edit Notes icon, and a text entry field appeared below the main view. We entered a note, TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE. We then added several more ToDo entries, this time with various lower priorities, coded bright red to cool blue. We closed Efigio and it automatically saved our entries; when we reopened the program, our task list, notes, and other entries were just as they had been. We clicked the delete check boxes for several entries, and their descriptions and other entries were struck through with lines but didn't disappear. We clicked the Delete ToDos trash can icon, and the checked entries vanished, a nice setup that lets you keep finished tasks in the list but clearly distinguished from unfinished tasks.

Too many productivity tools end up increasing complexity, not reducing it. Efigio is simple, though; in no time, we were able to create a color-coded, prioritized ranking of our most important tasks and park it in a visible but out-of-the-way corner of our desktop.

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