Serious ad blocking

Thwart online ads with this effective Chrome add-on.

Editors' note, Sept. 23, 2011: AdThwart was recently purchased by Firefox add-on maker AdBlock Plus, and renamed AdBlock Plus for Chrome. No substantial changes have been made to the add-on at the time of writing.

Online advertising can be a serious pain, cluttering your desktop with pop-ups and drastically slowing down page loads. A variety of browser extensions have popped up over the years to combat ads, and AdThwart works as well as any we've tried. This add-on for Chrome is easy to use and effective at keeping ads at bay.

AdThwart uses the popular and powerful Firefox AdBlock Plus filter engine, with a variety of different filters to choose from. Users can also create their own filters and whitelist particular domains whose ads they don't want to block. If fiddling with filters sounds like more trouble than you want to go to, just stick with the AdThwart defaults; they work fine. We surfed to a variety of Web sites that tend to drive us crazy with pop-ups, expanding banners, and flashing Flash ads, and AdThwart took care of all of them. Pages loaded significantly faster, and sites that were typically cluttered with ads were stripped down to their actual content. The extension can even disable inline text ads and those pesky ads that pop up within YouTube videos. Amazing! Although AdThwart doesn't have a Help file per se, it does link to the AdBlock Plus Web site, which has plenty of information about how to create filters and otherwise make the most of the program. Overall, we were quite impressed with AdThwart, and we think it's a great choice for Chrome users who have had enough of online advertising.

AdThwart installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this extension to everyone.

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