Retail Man is an A1 POS system

Boost your business with a full-featured point-of-sale system that's actually easy to use.

POS stands for point of sale, but small-business owners who have struggled to implement PC-based POS systems sometimes use a more colorful phrase. Retail Man POS from Ezisolutions aims to answer the many shortcomings of other POS suites, chief among them the confusion they cause in the owner who sets them up and the employees who use them. Retail Main POS features descriptive icon images and pop-up labels that help clarify just what each icon does, be it sales, inventory, payments, or contacts. It's a full-featured POS system, too, with invoices, inventories, balance sheets, reporting, and even barcode printing.

When we opened Retail Man POS, a setup wizard allowed us to enter basic information about our business, accounts, contacts, and so on. We suggest gathering all your business and account information beforehand and taking your time while setting up Retail Man POS; it'll pay off later, but it's crucial to enter everything correctly, and there's lot to enter. Once we'd gone through each of the setup tabs, we turned to the main interface. The toolbar's icons will help even semiliterate employees click the right entry. We clicked the Point of Sale screen, and a blank purchase order appeared. From the POS interface, we could access any of the features on the file menu, including Accounts, Purchases, Payrolls, Diary, Sales, and Stock; each entry had subdirectories filled with choices far too numerous to mention, save to suggest that nothing seems to have been left out. Each of the icons we clicked opened a colorful, attractive dialog specific to the task. The program has extras like a calendar, calculator, notes, and staff sign in/out features; the latter functions like a basic time clock. The Maintenance menu accesses a considerable range of setup and configuration options, so it's easy to change entries, reconfigure tools, and add functions as your business grows. When you exit the program, it asks if you want to run a backup, a nice reminder that also helps keep you from accidentally closing the program.

Retail Man POS is unquestionably a full-featured point-of-sale system, yet it's among the easiest to set up and use that we've encountered, either on the test bench or in the field (especially in the field). Two things in particular stand out: The clearly labeled icons, which make for smooth daily operations, and its fine design in general, especially the clarity and efficiency of its many tools and display fields.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of Retail Man POS 1.90. The trial version is limited to 30 days.

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