Get it together, Google

There are some nice features, but this app is leaner and kludgier than we expect from the Sovereign of Search.

A dedicated Google Search app has made its way in one form or another on every smartphone platform, and that's no different for Windows Phone 7. As on other operating systems, Google Search uses the phone's GPS to localize searches--this is purely optional if you'd rather switch it off. The app also hands out search suggestions as you type, but only if you type slowly, we found. Fleety fingers zipped past the time it took the app to produce suggestions on our test phone.

Google Search also keeps track of your previous searches, a boon for anyone hoping to bypass typing and repeat a search. Again, you can turn this off or erase search history in the settings. Unfortunately, the app is dull-looking, apart from its bold application icon, and the results don't integrate well into the app. Instead, what you get is a kludge with results that appear in a browser window. True, you do get access to image, local, and news results as well as the Web findings, but we were hoping for more from Google than just a Web shortcut.

The default Bing app, by contrast, integrates well, looks zippy, and offers voice search, a Google signature feature that's pervasive throughout its own Android platform.

There are some nice features in Google Search for Windows Phone 7, but the app is leaner and kludgier than we expect from the Sovereign of Search. Get it together, Google.

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