Batch photo sorter

Rename, resize, and edit images easily with this excellent free tool.

What's clogging up more PCs these days than adware, bloatware, and malware combined? Digital snapshots, that's what. Everybody's got a digital camera, and isn't afraid to use it. Meanwhile, My Pictures fills up with folders labeled by dates or, worse, meaningless alphanumeric codes, and the idea that you're going to get around to sorting it all out "someday" slips into a running joke--as in it's a joke how quickly you run away from the job. Obviously, you need help, but let's start with all those pictures: What you really need is a free tool that can help you sort out your digital photos and images, preferably in batches, and maybe edit them a bit. BatchBlitz from SunlitGreen Software fits the description nicely.

BatchBlitz opens with a businesslike Windows-style interface sporting the familiar file menus and icon-based toolbar. There's a good Help file and some extras like Tool Tips and tutorials, but this program isn't difficult to figure out. You create Tasks using a series of templates. We created a New Task, chose the Standard Template, and clicked Source on the left-hand control panel. We browsed to a folder of snapshots; BatchBlitz displayed the directory in a tree view and the images as thumbnails in side-by-side panels. Next we clicked Output and chose a destination, a new folder created inside the original. The Actions icon called up a selection of processes, everything from renaming and resizing to cropping, converting formats, and adding text or other images. We chose to rename the pictures. We selected a series of images and clicked Source Images, and BatchBlitz loaded our selection into the bottom panel. We clicked the Start button, and a pop-up displayed progress bars for each file as it was completed, a very quick process. Next we clicked the Photo Editor icon. A perfectly competent image-editing tool popped up. This editor offered basic resizing, level adjustment, curves, and color controls; more than enough to quickly touch up photos. There's even a handy little Regex Tester for matching text strings, a nice complement to BatchBlitz's extensive filtering and searching options.

There's no shortage of free tools for sorting and editing digital pictures. BatchBlitz is one of the best we've tried, with a simple process, flexible capabilities, and useful extras, all for the bargain price of "free."

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