Coin catalog collection

Identify and grade collectible coins of the world with this free, portable tool.

Software Catalog for Coins from Zittergie is what its name suggests, a numismatic catalog; in other words, a reference for coin collectors. It's also a useful tool for managing coin collections, identifying and grading coins, and even making valuations.

Software Catalog for Coins is a compact tool that's designed to be run from portable devices such as laptops and handhelds, but the download includes several catalogs as well as dealer and club lists. We extracted the zipped package to a desktop folder and opened the catalog browser tool. We selected one of the catalogs, Belgian Coins, Pre-Euro (1832-2001), which opened in a compact, draggable dialog with tabular data and face and back photos of each coin. Drop-down menus let us quickly filter the results by currency type, head of state depicted, and date range. We clicked New Catalog on the File menu and selected a different catalog, one for British coins since 1660. There are also entries for adding and opening saved collections and new catalogs, an Encyclopedia menu with entries for Quality, Dealers, Clubs, and more, and a Setup tool that lets you specify grading and valuation methods, collection parameters, and other useful aspects. There was no Help file, but this program is very easy to learn and use.

Software Catalog for Coins' developer explains that this program is new and evolving. It currently lacks a Help file and as yet only comes with catalogs of Belgian and British objects. However, it's easy to add new catalogs as they become available. We can see how this portable application and its ability to manage a collection of clear, comprehensive catalogs and dealer and collector resources would be of interest and value to coin collectors, dealers, curators, pawn shop owners, historians, and anyone who wants to know more about coins.

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