Fake fountains

View spouting digital fountains with this basic screensaver.

A well-done screensaver can have a surprisingly big impact, letting you imagine--however briefly--that you're not actually stuck in a cubicle, but are in a relaxing, bucolic setting. 3 Free Dancing Fountains Screen Saver seeks to transport viewers by superimposing digitally created fountains on three attractive still images. The effect is not entirely realistic, but the screensaver isn't a bad choice for fountain fans.

Once installed, the program appears in the Windows Display Properties menu with all of the other screensavers. We thought that the screensaver might have some settings--perhaps to adjust the speed or pattern of the fountains--but it didn't. Nor does 3 Free Dancing Fountains come with sounds, which is unfortunate, given how relaxing the sound of water can be. The screensaver is actually pretty bare-bones; there are images of a large rock, a castle, and the St. Louis skyline, each with a body of water in front and digital fountains spouting out of it. The fountains do create some interesting patterns and they're soothing to look at, but overall, the screensaver isn't anything to write home about. Again, people who are particularly into fountains might like this screensaver, but others will likely prefer options that are more attractive or interesting. The program has a link to an online help file but the Web site doesn't actually seem to exist; still, we can't really fault a screensaver for not having a help file.

3 Free Dancing Fountains Screen Saver can be installed and uninstalled without problems.

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