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Display an attractive clock with this sedate screensaver.

Some people enjoy screensavers that feature photo slideshows or simulate nature scenes, while others prefer something a little more sedate. Roman Clock-VII is a classy screensaver option that displays an attractive, customizable clock. It's not exciting, but it is a nice way to keep an eye on the time when you're not busy at the computer.

Once installed, the program appears in Windows Display Properties along with all other installed screensavers. Although it really doesn't do anything but display a clock with Roman numerals, it offers a surprising number of options. You can set the color of the markers on the clock's arms, select the font used for the clock's numerals, and choose whether or not to display the second hand. The second hand can even be set to run backward. The default logo on the clock reads "QUARTZ," but you can change this to display the date, custom text, or nothing at all. The screensaver comes with a brief Readme file that explains its settings, but there really isn't much to explain. We don't think Roman Clock-VII is a great choice for users who expect entertainment from their screensavers, but it is a nice way to make your monitor useful even when you're not doing anything on your computer.

Roman Clock-VII installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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