Insipid images

Don't bother with this unimpressive collection of wallpapers.

Artwork Wallpaper Collection is not a piece of software, but a collection of images meant to be used as wallpaper on computers or cell phones. We have seen such collections before, and sometimes they're worth having. Who doesn't like the idea of having a set of high-quality, attractive images handy when the desktop needs redecorating? Unfortunately, Artwork Wallpaper Collection doesn't really deliver; we could have easily found better images using Google Image Search.

There are 26 individual images, and each comes in a variety of different sizes and formats for different uses. Almost all of the images have a conspicuous watermark that reads, "Frequency." The images' themes are fairly random; there are plenty of abstracts, as well as a boar, a mountain, and a cartoon-style drawing of a stegosaurus. While there's nothing technically wrong with the images, none of the images was particularly captivating, and we didn't really find them to be worth bothering with. These images come in a 115MB ZIP file, and that's a mighty big download for a bunch of unimpressive wallpapers. It's easy to find wallpaper online that you can actually preview before downloading, and we recommend that users skip Artwork Wallpaper Collection and seek out more interesting options.

Artwork Wallpaper Collection comes as a ZIP file and requires no installation. We recommend it with reservations.

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