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Open and view Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 .docx files with this free utility.

Microsoft Word has long been the standard word-processing software, but it's undergone many changes and upgrades in its many years of service. Those still using older versions of Word often can't open newer Word documents in the .docx format, but what if you don't have Word at all? Anyone who needs to open .dockx files created in Word 2007 or 2010 can download DocX Viewer. It's a free utility for opening and viewing newer Word documents, even if you don't have Word or a Word-compatible word processor. You can open and view Word documents in DocX Viewer and then copy the text into your old edition of Word or a word processor of your choice for saving and editing.

DocX viewer is compact and completely portable, requiring no installation; just open the program file and it gets busy. We unzipped the file and gave it a click, and the DocX interface opened immediately. This is as plain as a Windows interface can be, a blank field and a file menu bar with three items: File, Option, and Help, and the Help file is really just the product's Web page. However, that's all that is needed, because DocX has a simple mission: to open and display Word documents in systems that lack the capability. It handles that mission well. We browsed to a Word 2010 file, selected it, and DocX displayed it. We highlighted some text, copied it, and pasted it into a text file: mission accomplished. It only did what it promised and what we asked of it; we couldn't save, edit, or change the files DocX Viewer displays in any way, but we could read them as well as highlight text and copy it to the clipboard.

If you're happy with your trusty old copy of Word or Wordless and like it, you can still open and view newer Word documents without paying for a massive software upgrade. Simply download DocX Viewer, park it someplace convenient, and let it do its thing when you need it.

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